From my farmer, Casey……..her weekly newsletter

Earthly delights csa #17

*tomatoes (they are so fabulous diced and marinated in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, onion/garlic, and a touch of sugar/honey, and served with bread)
*tomatillos (this may be the last batch, so enjoy them!)
*green beans or summer squash
*sage (see recipe for sage butter below)
*rainbow chard (add to eggs or other dishes, or steam as a side and serve with vinegar/sugar/salt)
*cucumbers (they make the healthiest crackers to dip in whatever tasty concoction you have on hand)
*leek (see last week’s recipes for suggestions for leeks)
*magic garlic
*hot peppers
*mystery item: toga striped eggplant (small and orange, with green stripes—fry up like you would other eggplants), collective farm woman melon, (small and yellow, honeydew-type—as Barbara Kingsolver noted, she is rather prissy in spite of her name…)or Tropicana summer crisp lettuce (more of these summer beauties to come in next year’s CSA, now that I’ve done a trial run for them—they were very successful (I just didn’t plant enough!)

Sheesh, this is delicious…you already have the recipe in a CSA newsletter from earlier, but I wanted to make sure you got it again…

1. remove leaves from sage and put them and a stick of salted butter in a heavy saucepan on medium-high heat
2. watch the butter as it melts and starts to change color. When it turns a golden brown color, it is done.
3. pour off the butter into a separate dish, and use the now-crunchy and delicious leaves as you wish!

(Leaves are especially tasty on egg-and-english muffin sandwiches (ooh! With a slice of fresh tomato!), as well as atop other dishes. Leaves and butter are tasty with potatoes, and both are also amazing as a sauce for pasta dishes, especially those including butternut or other winter squash. I also use it to season my rice, along with onions, garlic, salt, and greens.