Fritillaria and Camas

So, I had this brilliant last minute stroke of genius (read: the bulbs jumped into my cart and then into the car) for planting some MORE bulbs.

Just happened to find some frittilaria persica and lo and behold, they were 30% off. Had to have a couple. Aren’t they yummy and sultry and smoky and mysterious? I thought so.

Fritillaria persica (12)

Then, I would plant them in the center of a big pot, and add some camassia leichtlinii that I didn’t even know I wanted until I saw them and they looked so cool when I put their package next to the package of the frits. Take a look:
Camassia leichtlinii ssp. suksdorfii Caerulea Group

So now, we are both sayin’: OH BABY BABY! Bring it on, sistah! You got it goin’ on the design department. Can it get any better? Hell yes! How about a few of these around the outside of the planter, just to showcase those other gorgeous beauties:

white triumphator

White Triumphator. Oh yeah. Now we are talking.

Problem is, I bought three kinds of tulips: Princes Irene, White Triumphator, and a creamy white somethin’ somethin’ and took the tags out of the bags to copy them on my copier. So when I went back to plant the bulbs, I had no freakin’ idea which bulbs were which. Dang it. So, I planted an entire bag of one variety around the pot with the camas and the frits. We shall see what variety it grows up to be.

Is this what its like to have kids? You have no idea what you are going to get?

As for the other two bags without tags, I mixed those together in another large pot. Dealer’s choice.