For Timm and Ken

My fav-O-rite radio hosts……..always make me laugh. Timm, were you going to comment on the Fruit of the Vine post? (My apologies to all who actually want to comment. The porn spam and offers for Viagra and poker tips just overwhelm the site. I have to delete about 20 a day. And I can’t get the Askimet filter to work. Any help would be welcome. I need a geek tech class.
Anyway, those morning deejays play the best rock and roll all the time. River, KRVB, 94.9. Listen for my new fave, Black Horse and the Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall. And I love that new Tom Petty song…, please?   I turn on my outdoor speakers so I can rock and dig and the same time……..ever so clever, eh?

Later today:  dealin with ‘skeeters or ‘how NOT to be a Center for Disease Control national West Nile statistic’.