For the show

Plugging away on the display gardens for the flower show in March. So far, here is the bulb list (going for lots of hot spring color and a kick of fragrance):

30 six inch pots of lipstick red tulips
30 six inch pots of orange or coral tulips
30 six inch pots of hot pink tulips
30 pots of hyacinth ‘Woodstock’ (purple red)
24 pots of mixed daffodils

And beyond the bulbs…………

11 15-18inch PJM rhodies for their (makes-my-teeth-hurt) hot pink blossoms

We surveyed the space – uh, like I haven’t seen it before? and determined there are 24 club chairs and three benches in the lobby area. We will create some conversation ‘pits’ or groupings if you will. Each grouping will be anchored by a cluster of jumbo pots filled with some trees, shrubs and yes, Virginia, some of those cha-cha bulbs.

And coolest of cool, I ordered up a cobalt blue metal tool cart. For the martini bar in the Bachelor’s Balcony.

Went to Cost Plus to check out the paper lanterns for the Asian installation, spent $160 and not one lantern in the cart. Roasted red bell peppers. Tahini salad dressing. A couple of $13 duvet crewel embroidered & linen duvet covers (originally $169.99). Spice jars. Caperberries. Taboule mix and a rug pad. Lot’s of cool stuff but not a thing for the garden. Wait, I lied. I snapped up some fish/dragon chinese cocktail drink swizzle stix. $1.99. I crack myself up. Most days.