for the birds

Global warming? The red-breasted robins don’t leave the valley anymore. This morning I had about 15 at once on the fish fountain, drinking, dancing and dipping in the fresh running water. Its a big party. Flickers, purple finches, a wily sparrow hawk, starlings by the gazillions, all partying down and around the fountain. Water is critical for them. Forget feeding them fancy seed mixes, just get the water going.

I tried to move the copper birdbath from the front of the house where it looks pretty but is useless. Unfortunately, it is stuck in the frozen ground. I didn’t pull it out for fear of torquing the metal or me. Maybe a little warm water around the base will free it up. I am just going to put it out back near the fish fountain (so called because the spout is a fish not because there are fish in it). One more place for drinking water.

Had a big two hour nap today. And yesterday for that matter. Sunny outside but too damn cold for me. I swear, the thermometer hasn’t moved off 19 degrees all day. Doesn’t feel like global warming.

Speaking of which, and speaking of speakers, Al Gore will be here tomorrow. Doin’ a little hand wringing, speaking of An Inconvenient Truth. I have plans to go. Saw the movie. I believe it is a good thing that green is good and that he has been able to use his high profile voice to bring serious attention to these environmental issues. And if 10’s of millions are displaced by rising oceans it is gonna be UGLY. The beast known as the human condition will rise up and bite us in the ass. I mean, we couldn’t handle rising waters in New Orleans. Still can’t. I prefer the message of my old pal William McDonough and the Cradle to Cradle Protocol. It is all about addressing the fundamental issues, rethinking the way we make things. So much recycling and conservation is akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. McDonough and his firm argue that we must not be “less bad,” but that we completely rethink industry and commerce, specifically, use nature as our model and move away from the flawed idea of the industrial revolution. I know I have harped on this before, know that I will again, it bears repeating. We can’t afford to waste anything. When we are finished with a product or technology, it must be returned to the closed system of our universe as food to restart a new life cycle. Think trees and leaves. Absolutely nothing is wasted.

I wonder if McDonough and Gore know each other?