For Ed over at The Slow Cook: Alubias Blancas

img_8417.jpgEspecially for Ed, over at The Slow Cook, here is a photo from last Saturday’s mercado in San Sebastian (Donastia in Basque), Spain. The Basque folks revere this beautiful white bean, alubias blancas, and sell them prepackaged with a single fresh tomato and a single medium size light green pepper. The light green pepper looks somewhat like a Cubanelle. My Spanish is poor-I read it fairly well, but am challenged to speak it-but here is what I was able to learn from the kind and gracious vendor:

You put two cups of the fresh white beans in a pot of water with just about a cup of water. Add the tomato, chopped. Add the chili, chopped. Season with salt and pepper and maybe a splash of olive oil. When you use the fresh beans, the dish will be ready in about an hour. If you are using the dried beans, as I am today……it will take a little longer. No mention of onion. She did stress the importance of “just watching the beans until they are perfect.” Can do.