Five days until the Vernal Equinox

I was incorrect yesterday when I posted that we were a week from the First Day of Spring. I checked, and Spring falls on the 20th of March, not the 21st. Today is the Ides of March, and the anniversary of the death of Julius Caesar. Yikes. I am feeling the Ides of March. Richard Kading used to say he always knew when the Ides of March were approaching, because all the women in his life got new hairdos, moved the furniture, and were restless. As unscientific as that is, I must confess, I have a hair appointment for tomorrow, I rearranged the study yesterday, and I have been cleaning my closet and bedroom for a week. Sorry, the garage still looks like it always has.

Meanwhile, as I have stated before, there is no rest for the wicked. When Friday rolls around and I wonder what I have accomplished or not, how I have spent my time, sometimes it seems like a blur. Here is a recount of the projects I have dealt with this week: 3 residential garden designs, all in process. One quick stab at a design for the demonstration garden at the new Lewis and Clark Garden at IBG. This would show homeowners how to use plants found on the expedtion in their own garden.

Scrambling to locate all the props for the Boise Flower and Garden Show display garden: Boise’s Backyard. Worrying like crazy that I have enough and the right plant material so it is a knockout. Writing about that garden. Why it is what it is and the ideas behind it. Basically, to showcase our wonderful outdoor lifestyle in our wonderful valley. I just love this place. Good thing, I have lived in Idaho all my life, in this valley for the better part of 30 years.

Two book club meetings this week: The Bookies had Thai food on Monday night and then went all out for our Poetry month. I had the divine opportunity to hear Billy Collins read his poetry at the Egyptian Theatre. He recited my favorite: Three Blind Mice……..his version. Today is the Lit for Lunch bunch at the Cabin and we are reading Purple Hibiscus which takes place in Africa. No, I haven’t finished it. Because, I have also been reading……….

The Waterstained Landscape by Joan Woodward (not Missus Paul Newman); Basin and Range by John McPhee, and Natural by Design by Judith Phillips; Lewis and Clark, Pioneering Naturalist by Cutright, Herbarium of the Lewis and Clark Expedition by Moulton, and Wayne Phillips Plants of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

I just realized I am simultaneously exhilerated by all this activity and flat our exhausted just thinking about it.

And, one more thing, thanks to everyone who visits this site.