Fight global warming with a piece of rope! You can do it!

I like think of myself as quite the practical person. I love this comment on fighting global warming with a piece of rope over at Kitchen Gardeners International. I love it. Have my own clothes and towels out on the line right now and the rest of the neighborhood can get over it.

Kerchoo! For all the loveliness of spring, I’ve gotta tell you, getting older and getting allergies totally sucks. My patio table is covered with yellow pollen. I can go wash it off, right this minute, and later today will be able to write my name in yellow pollen. Over and over. I bumped against my hinoki cypress at the front door and sent up a cloud. Good for the hinoki, bad for moi.

I’ve been rabblerousing again. Sat in on a horticulture advisory meeting yesterday at the Idaho Botanical Garden. All the gardening staff was in on it as well as the professors of the university horticulture program right next door. Our fearless new leader, Julia, wants the garden to be more than a pretty face – I mean place – actually wants good plant collections. AMEN SISTAH! This is gonna be fun. The Lunaria League, of which I am Prez, and which raises money and awareness for horticulture in Idaho, just happens to have some money for plant collections…………let’s go shopping!

Speaking of the Lunies, we have some great projects in the works:

On Sunday, June 24th, we will put on the 21st Annual Garden Tour to benefit the botanical gardens.

This year we want to fluff up the grounds at the Ronald McDonald House. We started a cutting garden there several years ago. Our own Jan Haneke oversees the roses there.

We might do another container auction for later in the year to coincide with a green concert at IBG (Idaho Botanical Garden).

Our newly retired but totally inspired gal, Marj is putting together an Open Days program for the valley. We are modeling ourselves after the Open Days program of the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon (outstanding group), and a bit after the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days programs in the US and the one in the UK.

We were asked again to do the container auction for the 2008 Flower Show.

This ought to keep us busy for awhile.

And then there is the Guv’s proclamation that next week is Idaho Native Plant Awareness Week. Tune in to the River, 94.9 on that FM dial on Wednesday morning when I interview Stu Churchwell, of Emmett ID,about his new nursery, Native and Xeric Plants. That would be at 7:35 in the morning. AM but on FM, got that?