Farmer in the dell, farmer in the dell, hi ho ….

I am already trying to figure out what I am doing with my garden next year. One of the issues that came up is whether or not to participate in one of the two local CSAs. That’s Community Supported Agriculture and basically, a type of community garden co-op. They are just so much better at growing the big stuff.  I want to be in charge of my tomatoes and herbs, Herb, but I don’t really have enough room for every vegetable my little heart desires.  So, basically, I pay someone to do it for me……..organically.  One share in the farm entitles you to about 16 weeks of produce for a family of 3-4.  I will share my share with another person because it is too much for just the two of us.
The umbrella organization Local Harvest has a wonderful website. Check it out.  I am hope to buy a share in a couple of fruit trees as well.

Me, and gardening.  Just can’t quit.  I was outside today looking things over. In the sun it was about 50 degrees -pretty toasty and nice.  I discovered a handful of blossoms on the purple asters, near the foundation of the house.  And already there are little rosettes at the base of sedum ‘Black Jack.’  I considered cleaning up part of the garden, then thought better of it.  I mean really, I would be way ahead of myself. Like by several months.  Egad.

And I have plenty of work to keep me busy now.  Working with my pal Don on the designs for the Boise Flower and Garden Show theme gardens.  We did the  brainstorming last week.  Now, I actually have to produce.

We are supposed to get hammered tonight with a big snow storm.  Awesome.  I can get my Christmas letter put together and start getting the envelopes ready.

I will get the holiday list posted tomorrow. I promise.