Ola! From the sunny Bay of Biscaye, Basque Country, Donastia Spain. Spanish is San Sebastian, Basque is Donastia.

Have fallen in love withe cafe con leche and the pastellerias on every little block. Especially love the whole notion of pintxos (pronounced peen-chos)….. is Basque for tapas. Jeez, the platters of little bites are everywhere. Scarlet,my guide and hostess, has pointed out, that for all the eating and drinking that goes on here, no one is overweight like they are in the US.

The food is wonderfully simple. I have to do some homework on this, and some of you can chime right in with the explanation, but it appears to me that while the menu here is not extensive, it is prepared in a straightforward and most delicious manner. The students tell me that is indicative of the Spanish language as well, they are being asked to say what they have to say in fewer sentences. Seems we tend to be a bit superflous in the US, no?

Saw a huge but peaceful Basque demonstration in Pamplona day before yesterday. No bombs. That happened before I got here.

Hope to be able to download some photos for you………….argur! (you kind of need to growl that out…….argggggggg-urrrrrrrrr. Goodbye in Basque.)