Earthly Delights…..week 3

This is a reprint of the journal entry I submitted to the Idaho Statesman online edition for week 3 of my CSA subscription.

From the Statesman:

I promised the editor I would be honest about how I used my CSA subscription and it’s already time to come clean….. it’s just week three.

Keeping up with all the fresh produce from the subscription requires me to pay attention. And sometimes, that can be hard for me, dear reader. I know, I know you were certain I was completely squared away, on top of it all, a well-organized individual and so forth. OK, I try to be. But like most everyone else in today’s society, I have some days that can be labeled “Mrs. Toad’s Wild Ride,” and some akin to a walk in the park. Late this week I found a head of lettuce from Week 2 still wrapped in paper towel in the crisper drawer. It was not crisp. It was sad and wasted and went straight to the compost pile. There, I got that out in the open and I feel better.

I picked up the produce last week, about 4:30 pm on Monday afternoon. I went home, immediately rinsed the greens, the curlicued ‘scapes, the lettuces and the onions. Put the strawberries on the counter so they would be ready and in front of me for breakfast the next day – sort of a visual cue card if you will. In our house, out of sight often translates to out of mind and the next thing you know you forgot you even HAD strawberries (or lettuce from week 2) until they are little gray furry balls in a dish in the fridge. Iiiiiccccccck! And remember, they don’t really like to be refrigerated, it reduces the much- sought- after- warm, heady flavor.

As I was cleaning the lettuce and the greens, the husband took stock of what we had so he could look forward to a mess-o-greens a-s-a-p. Remember, that was Monday evening. We ate the sugar snap peas, raw and out of hand standing in the kitchen. I had already eaten about half the strawberries on the way home from the farm (and no, I don’t feel guilty about not sharing).

The two small heads of Pirat lettuce made two nice dinner salads, Tuesday and Wednesday, with enough left over for me to have a lunch salad on Thursday. When we have the salad with our dinner, I just dress the greens and add nothing else to the salad. For my lunch, I added some canned baby corn, and a little chopped cucumber and had a piece of cold chicken.

Friday night I wasn’t home to eat and neither was anyone else. Saturday night was barbecued chicken, fresh asparagus (from the co-op) and some brown rice. Just so you know, I suggested we fix up the greens, but no, I was told he was going to fix them on Sunday, for dinner. He had a plan. I was shocked into submission with this announcement so I patiently waited for the plan to be executed…….and it was.

Dinner on Sunday night at the Newcomer house: leftover cold barbequed chicken, hot brown rice with butter, salt and pepper, and a big pile of greens…… good I could hardly stand it. He used the spicy mustard greens and they added a smoky undertone to the dish, four of the garlic scapes, the two stalks of the oregano, the mizuna which should have been used for salad but, oh well, and the Redbor kale. Sauted and served with a smile. We had a nephew over for dinner and there isn’t a bite left over. The three of us polished off the entire mess of greens.

Whew, in under the wire! We have four garlic scapes left from this week’s allotment. And tomorrow is pick up time for week four.