Earthly Delights, week 1

Farmer Casey was ready and waiting when I got to her farm this afternoon. Just five minutes from my house, there we were, standing in the garden, admiring the new beehives, the busy chickens and the bounty. A BOUNTY it was! So welcome! Here’s the list from week one:

1 jumbo gorgeous head of red -blushed butterhead lettuce, variety ‘Pirate’, half went into tonite’s company salad
1 jumbo green butterhead lettuce
1 frilly clump of dark red oak leaf lettuce
1 bunch Mizuna (chopped coarse and tossed in the salad)
1 bunch Ellen’s Extra Hot Frilly Mustard Greens, zingy taste, chopped coarse and added to salad
1 bunch of curly parsley, chopped coarse for the salad
Easter egg radishes, sliced and in the salad
Collard greens (for tomorrow night)
Edible flowers from the mizuna, tossed right into that salad
1 big cluster of bunching onions, for later

I am soooooooo happy to have all these delish items. Washed them carefully, wrapped and put away for the rest of the week.

Friends, the prescription is a subscription to a CSA farm.

Ninety three today and I am wilting.

Have tons of pictures and stories to tell about sunny, smoky southern California and the garden tour. Stay tuned.