Driveway food

Some days it’s street food and other days its grazing in the driveway. Today’s snack: alpine strawberries. Those perfumey, crimson, little jewels were perfectly ripe so I plucked every last one of them and popped them all in my mouth at once. OK, so there were about 15. What a rush! I have a mixed border around the driveway and many parts are edible, i.e, the strawberries. Soon, I hope: raspberries. They are set, just need to ripen.

The Egyptian walking onion (or some call it the friendship onion because it is such a great pass-a-long plant) is ready for harvest. I can see that getting chopped into something delish later today.

And now, if the weather would just settle down maybe I can get the tomatoes and eggplants and pattypans in the ground where they belong. Earlier this morning it snowed on the Boise front and rained gangbusters here. Guess I don’t have to finish painting the front door today. Could get wet. Can’t have that.