Destination: Jellystone

Hey Boo Boo! Whatcha got in your picanick basket?

In the distance, through the smoky haze (range and forest fires), I can almost make out the Grand Tetons.

Today, we head north and east toward Yellowstone National Park. Properly fueled with the requisite Iced Grande Latte, and a back up Iced Venti Green Tea, unsweetened and no water added ( thank you very much), a dog all adither cuz the flyrod is in the car, enough toys to keep us for a year, well, we are off like a herd of turtles to Wyoming and Montana.

We arrived at the West Yellowstone entrance about 6 pm. Perfect for the “wildlife events” (read: they come out to graze in the evening), the light is gorgeous, the traffic calm and sparse. FIrst up, a big boy:

and unlike some folks, we know better than to torment him. He stinks, he’s cranky, and he owns the joint.

Minding her own business, albeit in the highway. Care is the word of the day since where there is one, there are probably two more in the brush ready to leap in front of you. That’s a radio tracking collar.

The sun starts to set on Yellowstone.