CSA Number 10 from Earthly Delights
Mary Ann Newcomer
August 4, 2008

I picked up my vegetables at 4 pm and have already prepared half of them for the coming week. A huge bunch of mixed basil scented the car all the way home. I had a plan by the time I hit the front door.

First up: one glossy, gigantic, shiny eggplant. Actually, it was huge, but because it was fresh picked, there was not a seed inside it. Not one. Eggplant from the store is generally old and seedy. Oooooh, seedy. Not a good thing. I cut the “aubergine” into ½ inch cubes, and sautéed it over medium high heat in half olive oil and half canola oil with a little salt and pepper then set it all aside.

Next: I sautéed the lovely tennis-ball- size fresh yellow onion with half the purple scallions, all of which had been chopped coarsely. Those purple scallions are so pretty. I added one of the 3 zukes, chopped coarsely as well.

Breaking from the buy/eat local format, I had to use some store bought celery, but what the heck? I also used some store bought capers (no caper trees close at hand) and some stuffed olives. Add to this two chopped tomatoes (from my garden) and a little vinegar and sugar and viola! Caponata for dinner. Caponata is a sautéed Italian vegetable medley. Its fantastic served room temperature on crackers, toasted rustic bread, or tossed with some freshly cooked pasta.

We received a nice portion of fresh potatoes: Red Gold (red on the outside, gold inside) plus Colorado Rose (red outside, bright pink inside). These would be terrific roasted with some fresh garlic, oil and salt and pepper. But I am thinking they are going into a potato tortilla with the kale I received. The recipe is borrowed from the Basque country, and again, wonderful served at room temperature.

I have been cooking in the morning when I can leave the doors open – I am done with my stove and oven before the day heats up and dinner is already for the evening. I love a plan like that!

This week’s subscription also include more fresh garlic, bunches of fresh rosemary and another enormous helping of green beans…all of which I will deal with later…the caponata is calling to me.