Next time you are struggling with your garden, think about Defiant Gardens……a new book.  About gardens during the war. I just ordered it from Amazon and will report back.

And now for a real downer.  Heronswood Nursery is no more.  Dan Hinkley sold to Burpee six years ago.  Now the gates have been locked, inventory moved to the midwest, employees fired and a treasure trove……..gone.  I will put a link here tomorrow.

And for Mrs. Pom, I am doing last week’s list this week since I am stuck on the Blockbuster list for this week. If I would just stand in front of the easel… would be a great start.

OK, hot summer fun:

Five summer activities:  1.Bobbing in the reflecting pool to beat the heat.  With a drink.  2.Wearing sandals.  3.Hunkering down in the house with the AC on full blast on 100 degree days.  (But, its a DRY heat! they say.) 4. Garden tours – as many as possible.  5. Wearing sun tan lotion or sunscreen just because it smells like Sea and Ski of the 60’s.  Yum.

Five foods:  1. Home grown garden ripe tomatoes.  With salt and pepper. 2. Home grown garden ripe tomatoes in an ensalata caprese with basil and mozzerella.  3. Fresh local raspberries for eating by the bowlful and for making jam.   4. Corn on the cob.  Armloads of it.  5. Melons of any kind.  From the home garden.  Watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew.

Five drinks:  1. Vodka tonics 2. Greyhounds (vodka and ruby red grapefruit juice)  3. Pimm’s Cups  4. “Bobby Flay” drinks which are actually Newman’s Lemonade and rum.  We saw it on Boy Meets Grill with Bobby Flay.  5.  Iced Venti Lattes from Starbucks.