Dear Friends and Gardeners: Week ???

Gardening 365 – Day 172

Dear Pals o’ Mine,

Ahem. AHEM! If you were wondering why I was a little slow in posting AGAIN this week, well, let me tell you.

I couldn’t hold my head up or get my fingers to the keyboard to write another “grow-nothing” letter to you. I just couldn’t. No.

So I waited a day.

And BOY HOWDY. It was a good thing. I can honestly report I’ve just consumed my first three Fall Gold raspberries (no, I do NOT care that it’s merely the first full day of summer). I’ve had a strawberry everyday for 3 days. And today, I spied 5 green little tomatoes on my Sugar Gold -lost the tag- cherry tomatoes. My red lettuce is up and we will have some in our salad tomorrow.

I have used a green onion or two each day, from the salad bar and reseeded it as I went along.

So there,
Until next week,
Yours in total and complete anticipaaaaaaaaation,
Queen of Ranch du Bois

Readers: if you haven’t been playing along, we are doing our version of the 3000 Mile Garden. Its a three way, between Carol of May Dreams Gardens in Indiana, and Dee, of Red Dirt Ramblings in Oklahoma.