Dear Friends and Gardeners, Week 3

Hey Dee and Indy,

I know Dee is blazing a trail to the OuterBanks. Indy is mowing and glowing in her garden. She was totally guilty of EGG (egregious garden gloating) this week – she got all uppity and posted a picture of her 10 pounds of strawberries plus a basket full of peas and lettuces. Peas, give me a break. It snowed here last week.

So, to further my frustration with the weather, it rained most of today, when I had all day to garden. Yesterday I was busy busy with other assignments. And, today, at precisely 5 pm, the sun came out and the temp went to 72.

I checked my garden list against what came today from the CSA subscription. I have nice sage and lots of other fabulous perennial herbs, ‘save the basil which would have frozen last week anyway. The lemon verbena has run amok and invaded nearly every garden bed on the property. My lettuces have mostly bolted, and the new bright red ones have been slowed by the cold weather. Garlic, I have garlic tops and Egyptian walking onions and baby spring onions.

Lots of arugula but no radishes. You would have to plant them to get them to grow, right. Well, I overlooked that little nugget.

I can report, yet again, there are all kinds of raspberries setting up to ripen, and lots of tiny alpine strawberries are ALMOST there. I tried to eat one yesterday, half red and half green. Had to spit it out. Phewwwwwwwey.

So, Carol, I rest comfortable knowing I will kick your sorry gardening butt when it comes to fruit production later in the season. And know this, I cant’ eat ’em, but my dahlias are up this week!

Oh, I had the incredible pleasure of downing a couple rhubarbtinis last night. Nectar of the goddesses, I scored a whole bunch of free rhu this week. I juiced it via the steam extraction method, with just a touch of crystallized ginger and raw sugar for sweetness, made with Stoly citrus vodka, and a tiny splash of Grand Marnier to gild the lily. Yes, gentle readers, life can be very rewarding at Ranch du Bois.

Until next week, happy gardening.