Dear Friends and Gardeners: Plague of Locusts

Dee? Carol? YooHoo?

I give up. Garden? What garden?


The heat has done me in and its not even close to record breaking. The Plague of Locusts – that is pissing me off. I’m certain the vine weevils are out at night as well. Raspberries are shriveling on the canes, and I need a cane to get over to see the gold pole beans. When I find one to eat, its tough as can be. Heat. Too much heat? And they are tiny. I picked them in the morning and they were just 2-3 inches long.

Furthermore and so forth and in the interest of transparency, I am behind 4 days postings on this here blog. That means we are lookin’ at 361 days a year instead of 365 until I come up w/some stuff to back date. Oh, trust me, I’ve been gardening, writing about gardening, thinking about gardening 24/7/365. It’s just that my garden sucks bilgewater right now. Oh, yeah, all those gorgeous dinner plate dahlias I bought as tubers? hahahahaha. The locusts have decimated their leaves and the buds were gnashed to gnothing by the earwigs. Yes, I powdered up w/De.

Send chocolate,
The Has Been Queen of Ranch du Bois

Gardening 365 – Day 213