Dear Friends and Gardeners, our second season together

Dear Friends and Gardeners,

Especially for my good garden friends, Carol of May Dreams Gardens and Dee of Red Dirt Ramblings, I wish you a Happy First Day of March. Finally. Good bye February.

Just in the nick of time, we had a lovely 60 degree sunny afternoon here. I am pretty tired of cold and windy days. Just tired of it. Time for a change.

The perennials beds are getting spiffed up so the bulbs can see the light of day. The eremurus planted in October of 2008 are now double in size, and up 6 inches already. We put tomato cages around them to keep Cash the Wonder Dog from tearing through the beds, or digging as he was known to do last year. Tulips are poking up everywhere, and the ones I planted and lost the tags for, well, soon enough we’ll know if I got the combos right or if they are going to look better as cut flowers, separated in different vases.

I’ve decided tomorrow will be a great day to sow some mixed micro greens in what I am calling “The Salad Bar ” which in a former life, was an indoor planter from my 1959 dining room (groovy thigh-high room divider, you know, the ugly type from that era). I’ve had this planter liner stashed for almost 11 years. Time to put it to good use.

And today, today the Availability list arrived from one of the valley’s best wholesalers. I went through the 18 pages and almost wept with joy. Eleven varieties of achilleas and 21 astilbes on the first page. Oh Joy! Oh Rapture! Oh the possibilities!

Yes, time to MARCH forward in the garden. There will be false starts, snow storms, hail, and frost to contend with for a couple more months, but longer warmer days are upon us.

I am waiting to hear your good garden news from Indiana and Oklahoma.

Mary Ann