Dear Friends and Gardeners: I had to take a snow day

Dee and Carol,

What can I say? I am seldom at a loss for words, but the snow and rain and wind and hail on Satruday, well, left me speechless. SNOW. ON. THE. GARDEN.

I had just started putting out all the tomatoes, only half were in the ground. So many tender annuals sitting here to be planted. The good news: the ones that weren’t in could be dragged back under cover and babysat a few more days. Yes, I should have posted my Dear Friends on Monday. Of course, the snow derailed all my other garden plans, the things I do for the Botanical Gardens and a couple clients. I had all their plants stashed for safekeeping in my truck and car. All that had to be delivered the last couple of days.

Oh, how’s the vegetable and fruit garden? No so hot. Arugula is abundant. Strawberries stuck in a holding pattern, ditto the raspberries. Will probably have to re-prune the apple espalier to keep it open and free of that cotton candy fungus/mildew. The first purple and gold green beans are up. Tomatoes are languishing. A less than enthusiastic report from Ranch du Bois this week.

Raining cats and dogs today. I am trying to remind myself that this, too, shall give way to summer days of 105 degrees. No whiners allowed.

Soggy but chipper,