Dear Friends and Gardeners everywhere

Greetings one and all! Especially to Dee and Carol, my partners in crime/grime.

I’ve been cheerfully snacking away on my Fall Gold raspberries, admiring the redness of the Crimson Rhubarb, plucking the occasional spring onion from the forlorn salad bar, and reading about OPG’s. Other People’s Gardens.

It’s been lovely weather, in fact, unseasonably cool, and to that I say HURRAH! I found myself sitting in the lawn the other day, planting away, doing away with weeds, in general, just enjoying myself immensely and I realized it was midday, sunny and I was comfortable.. Imagine that!

Still not much to report on the veg garden track this week. The multi colored pole beans are UP! Some as tall as 3+ feet. I see blossoms developing. Tomatoes are still languishing, little greenies hanging on a few of the cherry tomato plants. I need to reseed lettuces and arugula again this week. And I need to sneak into the neighbors yard to fetch some calendula petals for a salad. I inconveniently reseeded itself out of my reach. Maybe the constant plucking of petals scared it away?

I pruned the daylights out of my apple espalier this week. My BFF counted last night, and there are 24 little apples, most on the top branches. And while we are talking about fruit, all three of the grapevines are full of grapes this year! Year number three and they have taken off. Three kinds of table grapes, two white and one purple.

Happy as I am, I cannot report a stellar week of food production at Ranch du Bois. Its just good to be puttering away, getting all the little plants tucked in here and there, whacking back the roses, twining the new clematis into the roses, taking stock of what needs fluffing (note to self: pick up more mulch and another nine bark tomorrow).

Until next week,