Dear Friends and Gardeners, Dee and Carol, (Week 12)

Dear Carol and Dee,

Here’s the moment when the old saw, “better late than never” comes into play….

I missed our Sunday posting time and apologize to you both for my tardiness. I have several excuses, the first of which is: the dog ate my homework. No? You don’t believe that? How about, I had an asthma attack and am still reeling from it? True enough. My first ever. Our pollen count went berserk here, up to 360+ and the culprit was pine. I was gasping for air and weak all over when someone finally talked me into going to the doctor. OH WAIT! THAT WAS YOU!

I left town and the pollen behind for the long weekend. When I managed to check my email on Sunday I discovered you had both sent your letters. Sorry.

Here’s my brief update of garden happenings at Ranch du Bois:

The darling baby bok choy? It was fine when I watered it on Friday and when I came home on Monday, it had bolted. Tonight we whacked it back and sauteed it with a bit of bacon and onion to serve over pasta. The mixed micro greens went from 6 inches to 16 inches overnight as well. We are hacking away at them. I am reseeding as I go.

All the raspberry canes have little white berries forming now. I have been insanely jealous of you both, eating your fresh strawberries already. Indy, you better save me at least one.

The tomatoes are in and settled nicely. They’ve perked up and a couple have little blossoms. I don’t expect fruit until the end of July or the first of August. But it feels good just knowing they are all tucked in and growing. When I am in Chicago with you all this week, Flyboy will be home tending the plot. He’s very good at fussing over the plants.

Tomorrow, I will plant some more eggplants and a couple more tomatoes I found here and there. I have a huge stash of ornamentals to go in along side the veggies. Space is always at a premium here, so I do what I call Bountiful Beautiful Borders – edible as well as good looking.

Short and sweet, that’s where I leave you this week. I can’t wait to see you in Chicago!

Yours in pollen and pine dust,