Dear Friends and Gardeners,

Hey. End of the season. More or less. Less. More?

Dee and Carol,

This has been one pathetic garden season for me. Not only was I too busy to tend my garden, it was also a crappy crappy season weather-wise. I had a chat this evening with my CSA farmer gals, and they said the same thing. They went to work in the garden the other day w/gloves and ear warmers. Two days earlier, it had been 104. Hardly anyone has ripe tomatoes. Usually we are floating in them by now.

There is one little funny bright note I want to share.

The other night, it was about 95. I was sitting in the Lily Pond, having a chilled glass of white wine. I looked over at the grape vines, wondering if we ever got any ripe grapes this year. It is their third season, and for the first time, we had blossoms and a few clusters of green grapes, on BOTH vines. Well, imagine my surprise when I could see SEVEN clusters. I hollered for the undergardener who came running. As he pushed away the leaves, he found another several clusters of “almost ripe” grapes. They are the prettiest rich golden color right now though they aren’t quite ripe. I think they are Suffolk, and should be a pale red-gold in another couple weeks. Maybe we can still find the tag somewhere.

So there I was, admiring the grapes in both their fresh and fermented forms. Hot diggity.

I am determined to kick butt in the garden next season. If I have to, I will get the raised beds built this fall so they are ready in time for 2011’s spring cold crops. I probably said that last September. Where is the rolling on the floor laughing emoticon?

I love keeping track of our gardens across the miles. Our climates are so different, our hopes so much alike.

Until next season,