Dear Friends and Gardeners

Dee and Carol and lovely readers,

There are two ways to look at this: either I am 7 days late in getting last week’s letter up, or I am a day early. Let’s go for early. But while we are dwelling on last week (oh, we’re NOT?), I just want to echo Dee’s sentiment about the garden week from hell. The postcard from hell.

I’ve pretty much given up on the garden for the year. Yes, I have a bunch of company coming next weekend.I just can’t do much about the issues at hand. The plague of locusts is hideous. What they haven’t chomped on, the black vine weevils are snacking on, too much heat and not enough heart and determination on the part of yours truly. I just threw my hands up and said to hell with it last week. Spraying down Ranch du Bois with ‘hopper poison won’t do me any good.

I did count 36 apples on the espalier. Maybe I reported that already. The apricot tree has about 36 leaves left on it. There are 3 pears between the two pear trees. Green beans? Might as well chew on my Mirado Black Warrior pencils.

So, I ‘ve run away. Run away to Chicago for a few days hanging with garden peeps. I’ll think about the locusts another day.