Dear Friends and Gardeners

Dear Dee and Carol,

I am suffering from a severe case of weather whiplash. How long ago was it snowing? Yesterday? A month ago (May 26th) it snowed. Today it was 101 in the shade. Yes, the long low whiny sound is coming from me. It is now hailing and raining like crazy.

When I DID venture out today, I scrambled to get all the pots watered while it was still under 85. I just happened to be standing next to the raspberry patch so ate enough of the Fall Golds to make anyone happy. Delish!

Checked the tomatoes, all of which are still looking quite pathetic. The same 5 or 6 little green cherry tomatoes on the one I put in a big pot. Nothing new there. The artichokes are looking ragged. Plenty of apples but loads of white cotton candy fungus crap all over the branches. If it stops raining this week maybe I’ll deal with that issue.

The green beans are up and twining (rhymes with whining).

I did have pretty red lettuce until the hail started a bit ago. Spring onions are fine.

Grapes! Did I tell you we have lots of grapes this year? Three varieties! OK, so maybe I do have something coming along.

Last but not least, I’ll thank you not to start bragging about your first tomato sandwich of the year while I am here. So stop it already. If I go over here, or here, and see that you are eating tomatoes I will be wailing.

I hear Brenda Lee singing “Stormy Weather…”
At Ranch du Bois,
Your Pal, MA