Dear Friends and Gardeners (Gardening 365 – Day 96)

Dee, Indy, pals out there? You awake?

I am late to posting today. I’ve been out of town, in Seattle and the Skagit Valley, taking in the luscious greenery that is the Pacific Northwest. Never mind the 60 mph howling winds that bent the tulips sideways and created whitecaps on the Sound.

I returned home to minuscule growth in the salad bar (snow has that effect on a garden). We are springing forward and tripping back – a holding pattern. If I weren’t out with a ruler, measuring growth on tulip leaves, I’d swear spring had passed us by. On any given day, last week in Boise, we had snow, hail, rain, and sunshine. Much to my chagrin, I didn’t warm up or dry out in Seattle.

I did fall in love with my pal Lorene’s fava beans. Gorgeous blossoms and very pretty plants, cold tolerant so they ought to do swimmingly here. Of course, as I type this, I am secretly hoping for a heat wave. The fava bean seeds will be planted tomorrow.

My garden club has its “sometimes annual” plant sale this weekend. Other than that, I am resigned to reading the “Brother Gardeners.” When it is sunny, rarely, we run out and clean up a flower bed. Today, Flyboy took a Pulaski to the arundo donax. I haven’t bought a single plant the last two weeks, and as long as it stays cold, my wallet is safe.

I hope your gardens are warmer and growing well.

Your frost bitten pal,