Dear Friends and Gardeners,

Carol? Dee? Are you in the garden?

My apricot tree is blooming and hope springs eternal in my heart. Hope springs. Eternal. In my heart. My head. Where ever. It is not here and not now. It is snowing on my apricot tree – fussing between snowing and raining.

See the snowy hills in the backdrop? They had 6 new inches at the ski hill on Saturday.

Salad greens are making headway. Not much, teensy tinsy but coming up. All the seedlings look like radishes. I will let them go a little longer then thin and replant. Lots of empty space in the salad bar, so I think I’ll tuck in my onion sets.

My PJM rhodies are fat budded and ready to pop. One or two nice warm days and the hot pink blossoms will make your teeth hurt. For some reason they don’t bother me as much as the strident yellow of the forsythia.

Until next week, when maybe I’ll have something to share, Happy Gardening and Happy Easter. Hope Springs Eternal.