Dear Friends and Fellow Garden Geeks

Sorry Dee and Carol,

I am late AGAIN. The dog ate my homework. Just kidding.

I am busy finishing up the Rocky Mountain Gardeners Guide project. It is due in a few days. I’ve become intimately familiar with 304 plants of the Rockies and that hasn’t left much time for my garden.

A quick stroll revealed the old standards: Sun Golds are showing up, Red and gold razzberries, some delicious red lettuce (last of the season with 100 degree temps). One new player: the golden pod pole beans are coming on. I stood there and ate a handful the other day when I found them. Hmmmm, not mmmmmmm, as they are a little tough. I suspect that has to do with the blast of heat that nailed us this week. The large red tomatoes are no where to be seen. Apples, I have apples ripening but I shared that last week.

Short and sweet, that sums up the garden and me.Until next week,
The Hermit of Ranch du Bois