Dear Carol and Dee (friends and gardeners, week 15)

Dear Carol and Dee, my gardening friends,

Good Grief! Egads! For crying out loud! What is WITH this rain? This is going to go down as one of the wettest Junes on record for Boise, Idaho. It has rained every day, and not just a little spritz here and there. Nosireebob! It’s been a down pour every day. One evening I checked the rain guage and found it held two inches. Impossible I am thinking?? We never get rain like that. The weather man said we had about .14 inches of rain (in the newscast). Just so happened I ended up hanging with said weatherman and asked him, oh great wise one, how can it be??

Of course he attempted to give me the old razzle dazzle fo’ shizzle about orographic effects and yes, I DO live in the Foothills with a capital “F” and I understand we sometimes get more rain here than at the airport, HOWEVER, 1.86 inches of precip in a desert is a huge discrepancy. Let me just say, he didn’t answer my questions to my satisfaction.

So, under the guise of Father’s Day, I came up with a plan. I bought Flyboy a nice weather station as a gift. The dog is taking credit for the gifting. Indy (that would be Carol) gave me some great pointers on buying a weather station – hers has been up and running for a couple of months. Anyway, imagine his surprise when he got his present early! Now, if he’d just get it set up so I can use it. Sheeeeesh.

I have saved enough money on my water bill this month to pay for the weather station and a few new plants. Normally, July-September we have to water every third of fourth day, just to keep the plants and lawn alive. I turned the sprinkler system off a couple of weeks ago. This is an excellent development if you ask me. Everything is so lush and green (providing ample feasts for the damn aphids, but lush and green). I am planning to get out there and weed, weed, weed on Monday. The soil is so soft and nice, the weeds are growing like crazy but also pull out very easily.

Of course, the raspberries are still coming along, none for feasting yet. And the tomatoes are setting a couple of little fruits. The Chinese red noodle beans aren’t up yet, but anyday.

Ah! And I am thrilled to report I have two new espaliered pear trees in my possession. Each tree, about 4 feet high, has 6 nice branches and each branch has a different pear variety: Comice, Red Bartlett, Bartlett, Bosc, Flemish, and Anjou. I have visions of spinach and pear salads dancing in my head. Pear brandy. Pear butter. Pear compote. Spiced pears. A pear and a spare. I’ll stop now.

Today is the 23rd Annual Garden Tour in Bozville (slang for Boise), so I am out the door and headed for duty at one of the gardens as a coordinator. Please please please make the rain stay away until 5 pm.

From a deliciously rain-soaked Ranch du Bois,
Your Dirt Diva, Ida-Hoe

Ps, By this time next week I promise you I will have all my plants in the ground -including the newest acquisition, a ‘Grace’ cotinus (purple smoke bush), which is now resting quietly in the truck.

ppss, White Flower Farms will replace those Mara des Bois strawberries next season. I’m happy.