CSA WEEK 5….the journal entry that didn’t make the paper

But gentle, devoted reader, you are being rewarded for your persistence. Here it is in it’s entirety:
(Note: this is from LAST Monday. Week 6 will be reported to you on Thursday so please stay tuned.)

The Salad Days of June
June 23, 2008

Mary Ann Newcomer

I find myself kind of looking forward to Mondays. Monday afternoon is my designated pickup time at the Earthly Delights farm.

I grabbed a bunch of plastic grocery bags (recycling is g-o-o-d), a large paper bag and a large plastic yogurt container…..just in case there is a large supply of warm strawberries again this week. Please. Please oh, please.

A note of catch up from last week: I have a head of lettuce left (again) this week and just today, for lunch, I had 6 sugar snap peas that I found lazing around in the crisper drawer. Honest, if I had known they were there, they would have been gone days ago.

5:30 pm. Picked up the week’s treats. No berries. Sadness.
Here’s what we DID gather up:

*Bronze Pirat lettuce, another beautiful head of it. I have company so it will be all gone in the next day or so.

* Two lovely heads of romaine lettuce which will be for dinner tomorrow because I will STILL have company. I am thinking all this fresh lettuce will dazzle them.

*A generous helping of sugar snap peas, probably enough for three people. I have already blanched these. OK, I blanched the ones I didn’t eat on the way home. Here’s how it’s all shaking down tonight:

The snap peas, 4 new garlic scapes, the bag of what farmer Casey is calling “seasonal zesty salad treats” (nasturtium leaves, purple orach leaves, curly cress, and wrinkled crumpled cress which sounds like it hails from my dryer), plus a handful of fresh basil – all these are going into a pasta salad. We don’t have round peas but we have snap peas so maybe we could call this Pasta Primavera? Give peas a chance.

I cooked a box of bowtie pasta in salted water, drained the pasta, then tossed it with the green garnishes. I will let folks add stuff to their pasta with green bits: offerings include a bowl of chopped hazelnuts, some grated smoked cheddar, a olive/mushroom tapenade which came in a jar from the Boise Co-op and a bowl of breadsticks.

Not to worry, one bunch of kale came was in the bag today so husband has one more week of greens.

Happy eating green until next week.

Oh, and here’s a litte sumpin’ sumpin’ extra for your devotion:

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