Change you can believe in…

How the day went:

As predicted, a serious cellphone breakdown today in DC. I could get cell service but couldn’t keep a call going. Then it went downhill from there. We were in our BLUE line for 1 hour and 45 minutes AFTER a two mile walk from Arlington to the Capitol. Temps were about 23 degrees w/wind making it closer to frigid tundra.(Good thing we walked, the yellow line stopped running before we even got on it.)

After going around the Humphrey building, in a line that went four blocks long, we realized the BLUE gate was not letting people through.We had come to a big fat standstill.

Unable to get near a jumbotron, to hear anything on the loud speakers, or to see anything other than the building, we did the next best thing: hopped on the nearest metro train and high-tailed it to the closest bar for lunch and Irish coffees to see the ceremony on TV.

We heard they closed the SILVER gate an hour and a half BEFORE they were supposed to. I am guessing, they weren’t able to deal with the crowds. Oh well.

Anyway, its a great day for America and for all of us, highly charged with emotion, sorrow for the sacrifices of our past, gratitude for our blessings and hope for our future.

Your roving reporter,