From my gardenista friend, Theresa Madrid:
Dear local foodies,
I recently discovered a new farm and garden stand in Hyde Park across the street from the Stinker station (next to the snow cone shack).
They sell lots of locally grown & organic produce, with their goal being to provide an outlet for small farmers who don’t grow enough for the big guys to care.
Not everything is local, but if there’s a local option they sell it.  They also have a refrigerated case for local milk and eggs, and shelf space for things like local honey and jams.
Not everything is certified organic, but many of their farmers use organic methods even though they can’t afford organic certification.  These guys could tell me who the farmer was and what the farmer sprayed or didn’t spray.
The owners are Bonnie and Steve, and they need help getting the word out.  Pay them a visit, and if you like what you see — tell all your friends!
Just had the best cantaloupe for breakfast — it was grown on an island in the middle of the Snake River.  Sweet, juicy, and full of flavor @ 69c a pound.  =D
YAY for local food!!