but officer, I do have a license……..

Transgression number 5. Not very funny, but true. And I know the rest of you know exactly what I am talking about.

I have a nursery license. Therefore, I have a nursery. OK. That’s a serious misrepresentation. I have a nursery license because I buy plants to be resold or used in installations when I design gardens. In the state of Idaho, if you have a Department of Ag license and the right business creds you can purchase wholesale from most growers and suppliers. I once tried to tell someone that because I had a nursery license- I had to have a nursery. Almost got away with it.

I have a mini nursery. OK, not really. It is an embarrassingly large collection of plants that haven’t been put in the ground …..yet. Some plants have been there for two weeks, and some for as long as 10 months. (Used to be the lag time from buying to planting could go as long as two years). There are always a few that don’t make it.

Current inventory: 4 inch pots of chives (why?, I have chives self seeding all over the place), a weeping white pine, a dozen new lavenders (remnants of the Boise Flower Show), some wallflowers (remnants), a stash of ascelpsias tuberosa that didn’t get in last year, one salvia pachyphylla that didn’t get in, one photinia that is languishing, one itty bitty 4 inch pot of wine cups, 1 jumbo pot of german bearded iris that have lived that way for at least 8 years (senior iris), a bunch of straggly geum that I carried home from the show that probably won’t make it, one variegated agave that was a pup last year, survived in a little pot on the edge of the driveway and is still hanging in, a flat of somethin else and we aren’t gonna talk about the little sack of mini iris I just found. Woops. Oh, and there is that agapanthus I groveled for at the reception for Garden Writers. Did get the lemon tree potted up. The agapanthus and the lemon survived not only a week in my hotel room but also a cross country flight smashed flat in my suitcase. Lemon is all budded out.

I know it is an addiction issue, because I haven’t been able to stop. I keep telling everyone I am not going to have any plants sitting around that aren’t in the ground. Every year I make a liar of myself. Many of my colleagues have mentioned we need a 12 step program to deal with our excessive acquisition issues. For some, it is like a shopping addiction. Or gambling. Or both combined: addicted to shopping for plants :say what? never seen that one before, gotta have it, will never see it again, price is sensational, I don’t care if it is zone 12, and I am zone 6. I have to have it. It needs full sun? so what? I have wanted one forEVER. Then gambling on the notion that it will do well in a place you haven’t determined yet WHERE and gambling that it might eventually get planted.

ahhhhhhhhh. wretched excess. someone save a wretch like me.