but I do give a fig!

I have two brown turkey figs, now residing in the garage (with enormous scary boxes and piles of who-knows-what else), waiting to be potted up and to go dormant for winter. Not really sure how to go about this – so anyone with good advice (on figs, silly) should jump right in and tell me how to winter them over.

It is my understanding the fig trees could probably survive a winter in the ground in Boise A) if I had planted them and, B) if the temperature goes no lower than 10 degrees, and C) if they have a southern exposure. BUT, they will likely die all the way back and don’t have a long enough growing season to fruit after that. So, I am choosing to grow them in containers.

When I purchased the fig trees, they were already 4 feet tall and they produced about a dozen fruits apiece this year. I know they are root bound because I can see that at the bottom of the pot, and because I am a procrastinator and didn’t get them potted up into bigger pots this fall. My thought is this: put them in slightly bigger pots so they are not crowded, so they can hold a bit more water (right now it is running directly through the pot) and to keep them in a sunny albeit cool place in my garage over the winter. Then, pot them up again in late spring in nice pots with rolling saucers (not roller coasters) and keep them outside for the growing season.


And tell me what you come up with.