Bulb Plans, ORDER UP!

One way to jerk yourself up by the bootstraps is to place a big fat optimistic order for spring blooming bulbs. Do it when the temperatures at home are, say, 104, on a dog day of August. Get a big glass of ice tea, park your butt in the chair in front of the computer, and shop with flippin’ abandon. I did and I feel better already.

Here’s the lineup. Part of the plan is to plant the Bunker Hill Peonies together for a big statement, and tuck the Sicilian Honey Lilies in with so the deep rose of the bells picks up the deep rose of the peony. We shall see. I’ve had crappy luck with the nectoscordum bulgaricum, they come up and lay right back down on the ground. Their long scrawny necks streeeeettttttcheeeed across the sidewalk or the flower bed. What’s with that? I asked the folks at Brent and Becky’s and they suggested planting them twice as deep and in more sun. Okey dokey.

Trying the blue alliums after seeing them in all their glory at Red Butte Gardens in June. Wowsers.

Then, Frances of Faire Gardens told me about Narcissus Audubon. Of course, had to have a 100 of those. And how about that delish Crocus bi-florus ‘Spring Beauty’?

I definitely needed more Perestroyka tulips. Plant them in a place where they will be backlit at sundown. You’ll thank me later.

And finally, since I am having such bang up success with lilies these days, I am going to tuck in some pink species lilies.

If I start digging holes now I might be ready when the shipment arrives.