Baby, it’s gettin cold outside.

Today was another eye candy day in the great state of Idaho.  The place I call home. Clear blue skies, a kaleidescope of leaves, crisp air and homemade soup.

I bravely put out  another couple of loads of clothes on the clothes line, hoping that after they stiffen up in tonite’s frost, tomorrow they might dry on the line.  One last basket of clothes to bring inside, smelling like sunshine, making me giddy with the freshness, long after the summer has come and gone.

I grabbed the last handful of tomatoes.  Blanketed the two pots of tender succulents.  And now, to find a place to winter over the dozen or so pots of plants that I haven’t put in the ground yet.  And NO, the bulbs didn’t get in either.  Tomorrow.  Tomorrow.