Bread and Tulips, from Italy with Love

Here’s a cool link, to one of my all time favorite gardening sites, before I even knew about blogs: THE HUMAN FLOWER PROJECT. Apparently there is a very cool movie out there, for those of you who like foreign flicks, hustle on out and get a copy of Bread and Tulips. You can read about it by clicking on the link in this paragraph.

OH! AND DON’T MISS PLANET EARTH ON THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!! I have not seen it, but the people who have are raving about it being “freakin awesome!” That is a quote from my pal, DJ. Three episodes aired last Sunday night, will re-air in Boise this Thursday, and then three new ones this coming Sunday. Fire up the VCR or TIVO if you aren’t home in time.

Still recovering from the show.