Boomer over the Boise Front

We had some real excitement here today. A fire broke out in the foothills west of here, and you never know how fast things can go to hell until you’ve witnessed a range fire at full speed. This one was north of Eagle, and to the east of Highway 55 to McCall, but I double checked the hoses at Ranch du Bois, ANYWAY. And since the Lily Pond was full, and cool, and it was smoky and hot outside, well, I poured myself a glass of pinot g and slid on into the coolness. We have a new definition of gray water: what you get when the range goes up in smoke, the cheat grass is fried and falls back down into your pond.

All that smoke and hot air creates some very interesting weather. Check this out:

OK, now back to creating the rest of the 300 plant profiles. Let ‘er buck.