Bizarro! Grey Gardens

Having recently run out of national gardening magazines to keep myself entertained, I went trolling the magazine racks for some foreign gardening/lifestyle/design eye candy. And what to my wandering eye should appear? But the latest issue of Canadian House and Home. Alrighty, and a half dozen other pubs: French, English, Australian….

Toward the end of the mag, they have a one page article about the movie/documentary/whatever titled Grey Gardens. Dear and Gentle Reader, I must tell you, I have rented this twice in the last year, watched as much as I could, started skipping around, and couldn’t finish it either time. Those women are weird. Maybe it’s just a touch too close, you know like, you can never go back home?

The magazine reports the movie -and more recently- a Broadway musical, to be “moving, hilarious and often unsettling.” Yes, I would call it unsettling like, say, Jack Nicholson’s lobotomy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Or, like, watching a train wreck. Maybe I just need to get a little likkered up and give it a whirl. Guess I will try it one more time.

Meanwhile, for those of you with stronger constitutions/a better sense of humor/a dark-and-twisted side, check it out. Report back. Maybe I am just a wimp. I couldn’t sit through Clockwork Orange in 1973. Still don’t like the Wizard of Oz and the flying monkeys. And hated it, just HATED it, when Lassie went missing for two episodes.