Big sale: go now, spend lots.

The Idaho Botanical Garden is having their 10th annual Plant Sale today from 10-4. A small contribution is required for admission.
It started last night with a two-block-long line of cars waiting to get in for the ‘Members Only’ preview sale.  Personally, I spent almost $300 in less than an hour.  And not on myself.  I was shopping for several of my design clients.  I picked up six jumbo, very choice, lush, full sun basket plantings that I can’t wait to see in place!  The tomato plants were humongous (and some were small and still ready to go), and the dahlias were already up and blooming.  The dahlias, tomatoes, basil and oregano all came to my garden.

My regret was that I had a horrible late spring cold which prevented me from chatting up all my beloved fellow gardeners…….and so MANY were there!
The short list: Beck, my sweet Beck from the garden, I chose all your best hanging baskets! R2 (the gregarious and esteemed Doctor Roger Rosentreter), his fiesty wife and botanist extraordinaire, Ann DeBolt; the lovely Mary Wilson of Ishi fame, Jane Lloyd of Boise Garden Club was sassy and filling up her cart with Idaho native plants (you GO GIRL!); Debbie Johnson, our gal pal and graphic wizard woman of Foerstal Design was grabbing up the good stuff; Scooter and Greg Cole were checking us out-literally-in the purchasing line; Rod Burke, head of horticulture was holding court; Gretchen, Rod’s wife, was looking good with a zippy new spring do; Jan Haneke, a major dirt diva, shopping early and fast; John Dodson was sharing his infinite wealth of hort wisdom with plant buyers; Gary Moen was in his element in the tree section……educating, always educating. Oh, and Leslie Blackburn steered me to her robust tomato selection.  She, another hort professor at BSU, is the Queen of Tomatoes.  The honorable and ebullient Dave Navarro (Ada County Clerk) was the able-bodied guy helping us tote our treasures to our trunks.  Betsy Gerdeman, new on the block, was loading up her station wagon and grinning all the time.  Our newest member of the Lunaria League, she then returned to do a stint at the League membership table selling tickets to the garden tour and just revelling in her contentment at being in Boise.  And Lois Lenzi, positively in a fabu mood, with all three daughters in tow!

Shop til ya drop, my friends.  Then get ready to do it again next week. On the calendar for April 29th, 10-4, at 1109 Warm Springs, the Boise Garden Club will be having their plant sale.  Come one and all!