Better plants for better gardens: Moss phlox vs, Ice Plant, the smackdown.

Continuing with the theme of “instead of this, plant this GREAT plant,” I offer you: ice plant.

Phlox subulata was a disappointment in my garden – year after year. It looked great for a couple of weeks every spring then languished the rest of the season. It had a bad hair day 350 days of the year. Not gonna work here. I want plants that perform for months. Enter Delosperma ‘Table Mountain’ aka ‘John Proffitt.’ From mid-May until a hard killing frost, pink ice plant shines and shines. Its star shaped fuchsia blossoms pop against glossy green succulent leaves. Hot weather boosts its performance; too much water (especially in the winter) is a bad thing. A great ground cover, it pairs up beautifully to cool the roots of clematis vines. Cold weather adds a purplish tinge to the foliage. 2 inches tall x 18 inches wide.z4-8. Sandy soils preferred . Full Sun.

Lookie here:

(Conard Pyle photo)

Two, maybe three weeks maximum enjoyment.

or this, from June until November:

Photo from Plant Select files/Dan Johnson, photographer

I rest my case. Really.

My apologies to my readers: I’ve had some code issues this week. Dangling code. Wrapping around photos. Working on it.