Bad almonds…….badddddddd.

Good grief. Let’s just pile it on.

So today, there is a hideous article about salmonella in almonds and the almond industry’s response to steam them clean or strafe them with some bad-ass chemical.

I started looking in the pantry and decided it ain’t safe in there or anywhere. Went to the Garden of Earthly Delights, got my bag of weekly goodies, came home, sauteed up a batch o’ greens, ate some grilled organic pork ribs and called it a night. Days are way too long right now. And it seems as tho my to-do list is as long as the day. Damn good thing tomorrow is the Solstice so we can rejoice and move forward.

My wildly ambitious plan for the next few days: finish up my assignments and help out with the Garden Tour on Sunday. Clean the garage…….the second bay. (Yes, Virginia, there is a car in the first bay for the first time since 1999. Makes me flat out giddy.) Wrap up the client work and my garden work at the same time. I still have two flats of little bitty plants that need homes and I don’t know how much longer they can withstand my neglect, careless watering and 96 degree days. Do all my invoicing. Organize my library (now that could take more than a few days), lay around the pool and read War and Peace. Write thank you notes. Blog more. Report more……and get you all caught up on Idaho Gardening.

Lavender Farm party in Nampa July 7th and 8th. Garden Tour this weekend. Capital City Market this weekend. Sawtooth Botanical Garden tour the weekend of July 8th. More more more.