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Moss-kweet-ohs, those vicious little bastards…..

Working in my garden, I have been bitten several times in the last week. Totally scary since Idaho has the most cases of West Nile in the nation. Ken Bass, radio dude, reports that a neighbor’s daughter contracted WN and now has meningitis. This is not something to be messing with. OK, and I know that insect repellents with DEET are recommended. HOWEVER, I have issues with DEET and don’t like using it on me OR small children.

Therefore, allow me to recommend All Terrain Body Armor, an insect repellent lotion that is made with eucalyptus, citronella, lemon grass, cedar, etc. I have found it to be highly effective, pleasant to use and to smell, and available at the Boise Co-op. Please take a minute to read about All Terrain here. And put some in your golf bag or your husband’s golf bag. Standing around on overwatered greens, near water hazards……you get the picture.

Garden on.

And look out for the yellow jackets. They seem to be very aggressive. They had the nerve to start chomping on the Dirt Divas last night, just as we were taking our leave from an otherwise lovely gathering. If you are allergic to bee stings, I suggest you make sure your supply of Benedryl is handy or your Epi pen is close by.

Geez, a red alert for our air quality/particulate matter/ozone levels, West Nile Virus, aggressive yellow jackets and 80,000 acres on fire. Dare I mention: another day in Paradise?