Back in the Saddle, again

Our spring has been cold. wet. and then some. More. cold. Wet. Sick and tired of it. So, I am trying my best to snap out of it this week. I’ll write some zippy posts to pique your interests and mine, too. Lot’s going on.

Just a sneak peek:

The lovely Perestroyka tulips are lasting forever because of the coolth.

Anther shot:

The dark purple lily-flowered tulips are just getting ready to bloom. Tomorrow, I’ll under plant them with some little armeria rubrifolia, commonly known as sea thrift.

Let me show you why it’s called that:

Fabulous isn’t it? Clinging to the clifts at the ocean. This is at the Adobe Hotel and Restaurant in Yachats, OR.

OK. Tomorrow. Instead of THAT plant, plant THIS. Or, “an excerpt from MA’s regional piece in Fine Gardening Magazine, March 2011.”