Autumn is for Asters

I rue the day I decided to go with my husband’s notion that asters were a pain in the ass. He has such a strong dislike of them -icky sticky gross – and I was so tired of whacking them back two or three times a season, each plant, to keep them a manageable, attractive shape and size. Well, I agreed to let him pull them out. Big mistake. Now I see them all over town and I miss them in the garden. Besides, I have a rockin’ new perennial composition of blue grama grass ‘Blond Ambition’, echinops, agastaches ‘Ava’ and Blue Blazes, sedum Matrona and one big droopy ‘Loves Lies Bleeding.’ The colors are swell, purple, blue and red, and I can just see the those colors echoed around the garden in ASTERS. So, this time, I’ll try the shorter (hahahahaha) varieties. Maybe Purple Dome?