Aunt Sally the Bee-you-t-full’s Rhubarb Jelly

I vacillate between crying and grinning when I hold this recipe card in my hand. That’s my Grandmother’s PERFECT PENMANSHIP and my fabulous Aunt Sally’s (Cecilia Dwyer Schultz) recipe for rhubarb jelly. By that I mean, my Aunt Sally was fabulous and so is the jelly. The back story: Aunt Sally wore a miniskirt to a family reunion in 1963. I think she was born in 1911. She was hot. And a hell of a good cook. I had my very first taste of tabbouleh at her house. She was hip. She also poured a mean margarita in those days and I do recall Aunt-Sally-the-Bee-you-t-full and my beloved Grandmother getting a little squirrely on the patio. My Grandmother loathed drunkenness, tho she was known to have a little touch – for medicinal purposes- every evening about 5. I think it was Canadian Club and water. No ice. She kept the bottle in a hatbox in her closet.

Oh those women. Catherine. Mary Theresa Catherine Fitzgerald Dwyer Norton. Helena. Cecilia. Johanna, Veronica.

So, the first thing I plan to make this season, in small batches, is this:

I recommend you serve it with a margarita.