Another wild weather week

Never a dull moment here in Boise. Especially when it comes to the weather. One week ago today, we were bobbing around in the Lily Pond, drinking Bobby Flay drinks (dark rum with Newman’s Virgin Lemonade). The temp was a meager 99 degrees. 99. Two days later it was 50 degrees, light rain, and the fog rolled in. When it rolled out, there was snow on the ski hill visible from my front door. Today, we have had almost an inch of rain, glorious rain…….which is outstanding and so badly needed.

So, I am just sitting back, resting on my laurels, planning to start War and Peace (summer book club selection, all 1342 pages, that’s 20 pages a day), and listening to the rain come down. Right out the window, next to my computer, the raindrops are hanging on the tips of the dogwood’s leaves. The daylilies are a brighter,fresher shade of orange today, the echinops bluer. The grass is greener. The deodora’s branches are drooping with the extra weight of the rain. Love it love it love it.

Here’s your assignment should you chose to accept it: plan and pull off a Summer Solstice Party in your garden. It might be the little incentive you need to get the garden in tip top shape. It could be a reward for all the hard work you have already done. It is a time of celebration of nature and all her gifts. You can have a party for one, but how about inviting someone else who speaks the language of gardens. You know who they are.

The solstice occurs at 18:31 on the 21st of June. You have 12 days. May I suggest for your partying pleasure, the following party features and favors: cucumbers and new lettuce for crispy freshness. I am going to try a new recipe, Blackened Potato Salad which I discovered in a new cookbook, The Lee Bros. Southern Cookbook. And maybe deviled eggs. Eggs are a symbol of fertility and you are celebrating the fertility of the soil and the planet. Iced vodka or iced sipping tequila (Oprah’s into it). Candles for when the sun goes down. Some kind of luscious dessert, probably some kind of decadant chocolate bite-size somethings and something like, say, raspberries. OK, anything with raspberries. Party favors could be fresh little bouquets to go home with the guests. Or some lettuce from the garden. (I sent a big bunch of bronze fennel home with someone the other day to go with her Tom Douglas (of Seattle restaurant fame) salmon recipe.

Most of my friends have weekday jobs. So, I may have a small, quiet Solstice appreciation evening with my husband and my new dog in attendance on the actual date, and then gather the gang on Friday.

Tell me how you celebrate the Solstice.