Another great garden tour

Don’t forget to check out the Sawtooth Botanical Garden’s annual garden tour…….July 8th.  9 am to 2pm.  A great way to see how the other half lives. OK, so maybe it is more like the top one tenth of one percent of the wealth in the nation. Or something like that.  It is a joyous occasion and i adore Ketchum and Sun Valley.  It has taken me 30 years to get over the fact that Sun Valley is actually a sagebrush steppe and not a timbered winter wonderland, but, they have it goin on. Art galleries, fabulous food, clean clean clean air, blue blue skies, the finest shopping, and……..those gardens.

This year Bets, Kerry, Linda B and I are piling in the car and going over on Friday afternoon.  We will take in the Sawtooth Garden, check out the new Prayer Wheel sanctified by the Dali Lama (last September), eat dinner on a patio somewhere, maybe even the Lodge, and see who we can see.  It is the “Allen Company” weekend when all the big who-rahs of the media are in town.  Oprah, Diane Sawyer, Tom Brokaw, etc.  And to think, I am there to look at gardens.  Oh well.  Priorities!