Another delicious week at my house

CSA Pickup September 1, 2008

Congratulations are in order for my farmer gal Casey: she got married on Saturday!

We still had our regular pickup time, she had Laurie standing in and handing out the groceries tonight. And what a haul!

Imagine a table laden with big, fat curvaceous Brandywine tomatoes in all shades of ripeness. Some were deep crimson, some a little pink; even a couple were still tinged with green. I selected a nice jumbo deep red one for dinner tonight and a pink one to have in a couple days.

We were then instructed to take as many Italian tomatoes as we wanted. Ha! I took three handfuls, and in a few minutes will start whipping up our favorite almost-fresh tomato-onion-basil sauce for some pasta. (I actually toss all the ingredients in a sauté pan with some olive oil for a few minutes to warm it up and meld the flavors.) We are having some pork ribs on the Barbie so the pasta and tomatoes will round out the meal very nicely. Onions and fresh garlic were there for the taking, as well.

The rules were the same for the basil, take as much as you like. I went for a handful and will make a small batch of pesto in the next day or two. It is great when you put it in ice cube trays, freeze it and then pop out the cubes and put them in Ziplocs back in the freezer to use one at a time as you need them.

Ground cherries were abundant tonight. They are lovely little gems, feel like tomatillos, taste a little like strawberries and are eaten like grapes. Got that? Tasty, nonetheless and this is the second year Casey has offered them.

I received two nice perfect yellow zucchinis plus a shiny big eggplant. Cut into large slices, slathered with oil and salt and pepper, we will put them on the grill tonight when we cook the ribs. Even if we can’t eat all the veggies tonight, they’ll make a perfect lunch tomorrow. Just add a splash of balsamic and some fresh ground pepper with coarse salt. Serve with some crusty bread.

One little bunch of collard greens thrilled the husband to no end! He loves to chop them up and add them to anything he is sautéing.

It’s shaping up to be another delish week at the Newcomer’s house, thanks to my wonderful gardener, Casey O’Leary and her crew.